Navigating Difficult Times with LMI Mediation

LMI Mediation provides divorce and family mediation services helping the individuals seeking to navigate these difficult issues to work towards a better future while addressing the needs of today.

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Creating a Better Future

Organizations are founded, grow and mature based on a strong leadership, good communications and a clear vision for the near and distant future.  LMI Mediation brings our skills to facilitate the organizational success by helping your team build a culture of mutual respect, strong communication channels, and team leadership that looks forward.

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LMI brings a passion to help individuals, families and organizations negotiate the challenges facing them. Founder, Principal and mediator, Rodney Dowell brings 25 plus years of experience in the legal industry and a focus on the art of mediation and communication to help parties reach their goals.


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Contact Rodney Dowell at 617-821-7288 to discuss how LMI. may help.   You may also reach him at rodney@LMInnov.com.

Divorce Mediation


Divorce Mediation

While divorce is always difficult, LMI Mediation services allow couples to determine the terms, within legal requirements, of their divorce and separation agreement through a process that is not rife with acrimony.  Rather through the mediation process the couple sets the terms of the agreement and thereby find a path that works for them, on their schedule, and usually, at a more affordable cost.  The mediation process allows the parties to work through critical topics related to divorce in Massachusetts, including division of assets, custody of children, parenting time, health insurance, and alimony.  LMI Mediation Services are available in Burlington MA, with easy access from I-95, and working with affiliates and using temporary office space, LMI is available in various locations in the Boston metro area, including Arlington, Boston, Cambridge, Norwood, Somerville, and Salem.

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Family Law Mediation


Family and probate law is so much more than divorce law.   Families and individuals often end up in conflict over many issues which can either be solved by lawyering up, or by seeking to find a better way through mediation.  Therefore we also help parties resolve conflicts involving:

  • Unmarried Parents
  • Post-Divorce Mediation
  • Change in Child Custody
  • Change in Child Support
  • Children’s activities
  • Educational Costs
  • Conflict Coaching
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About Us

Rodney Dowell, Esq.



Founder, Mediator, and Facilitator

Helping Through the Art of Mediation and Communication


Rodney Dowell mediates divorce and family cases at LMI Mediation, and co-mediates divorce and family cases with MWI in Boston and Cambridge based Community Dispute Settlement Center. He also serves as a mediator with MWI in the Massachusetts Trial Court System in the Norfolk Probate and Family Court, Quincy District Court, and the Dorchester Municipal Court.  In addition to divorce and family disputes, Rodney also works with individuals seeking peaceful business dissolution, family probate and trust disputes, and commercial disputes.  He also provides conflict coaching to help individuals prepare for difficult conversations.

To his mediation services, he brings over 25 years of experience in the legal industry as a litigator and founding partner of several law firms. His work for large and medium-sized law firms, co-founding and growing a law firm, starting the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, and becoming the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc., gives him a unique perspective on mediation and toward helping clients to resolve conflicts amicably.


Facilitator/Strategic Planning

Rodney brings his ability to work with individuals and groups to facilitate organizational change and improved communications.  As a recognized leader Rodney has led a number of organizations and committees ranging from his work as Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL), a Massachusetts non-profit corporation from 2010 through 2016, the Director of LCL’s Law Office Management Assistant Program (LOMAP) from 2008 through 2016.  He currently serves as Chair of the American Bar Association Law Practice Division (ABA LP), and he also has served as the chair of various committees on the state and national level.

He brings with his passion for the development of strong leadership for the organizational growth, along with his ongoing interest in developing a greater understanding of the needs of organizations, and his desire to help leaders and organizations make practical changes to improve the organization quickly and immediately.

Find out more about Rodney at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rodneydowell/


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