Creating a Better Future

Law firms are founded, grow and mature, or disappear into the lore of the local legal community.  The likelihood of success lies in building a culture of mutual respect, strong communication channels, and leadership that looks forward.   Firm retreats, off-site and on-site facilitated strategic meetings are key instruments to creating a better future.

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Law Management Innovation, LLC, brings a passion to help attorneys and firms to negotiate the challenges facing them.  LMI. brings 25 plus years of experience in the legal industry.  After working for large and medium sized law firms, co-founding and growing a law firm, starting the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, and then being made the Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc., the LMI. founder has a deep knowledge of the industry and the challenges we deal with.

LMI. is available to facilitate firm retreats, offsite strategic planning, and onsite planning sessions for firms that seek to meet existing challenges, become more resilient and that want to prepare for a successful future.  LMI. also has a passion for helping firms that wish to develop a retention plan to keep key employees who are impaired by mental health and addiction issues.  Years of working for a lawyers assistance program allows us to put together the professional resources needed to allow the best resolution to the issues causing impairment.  LMI. will bring together a strong network of professionals to service the needs of each firm.



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Contact Rodney Dowell at 617-821-7288 to discuss how LMI. may help you or your firm.  You may also reach him at