Divorce Mediation


Divorce Mediation

While divorce is always difficult my mediation services allows couples to determine the terms, within legal requirements, of their divorce and separation agreement through a process that is not rife with acrimony.  Rather the parties set terms of the agreement that work for them, on their schedule, and usually, it is a more affordable option.  The mediation process allows the parties to work through critical topics related to divorce in Massachusetts, including: division of assets, custody of children, parenting time, health insurance, and alimony.  As a member of MWI's divorce panel you see my biography here: https://www.mwi.org/dvteam/rodney-dowell/

Family Law Mediation

When speaking of family and probate law we find that providing services for couples seeking a divorce is simply the beginning of the potential issues facing individuals.  Therefore we also help parties seeking to find a non-litigious way to resolve conflicts revolving around:

  • Unmarried Parents
  • Post-Divorce Mediation
  • Change in Child Custody
  • Change in Child Support
  • Children's activities
  • Educational Costs

Take Control, Call Now

If you are ready to determine your future, together, and apart, call to discuss your mediation needs now.