Divorce Mediation


Divorce Mediation

While divorce is always difficult LMI Mediation services allows couples to determine the terms, within legal requirements, of their divorce and separation agreement through a process that is not rife with acrimony.  Rather through the mediation process the couple sets the terms of the agreement and thereby find a path that works for them, on their schedule, and usually, at a more affordable cost.  The mediation process allows the parties to work through critical topics related to divorce in Massachusetts, including: division of assets, custody of children, parenting time, health insurance, and alimony.  As a member of MWI's divorce panel you see my biography here: https://www.mwi.org/dvteam/rodney-dowell/

Family Law Mediation


Family and probate law is so much more than divorce law.   Families and individuals often end up in conflict over many issues which can either be solved by lawyering up, or by seeking to find a better way through mediation.  Therefore we also help parties resolve conflicts involving:

  • Unmarried Parents
  • Post-Divorce Mediation
  • Change in Child Custody
  • Change in Child Support
  • Children's activities
  • Educational Costs

Take Control, Call Now

If you are ready to determine your future, together, and apart, call to discuss your mediation needs now.